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More From the Wacky Weight Loss Vault

Even after all these years of listening to new clients recite a long list of diets (aka “torture”) they’ve put themselves through, I am still not immune to being shocked by how some will resort to absolutely insane levels in order to avoid hard work. Too many people would rather put up with stinky breath  [Read more...]

Good Mornings Start Here

In his article, The Path to Productivity: Focus On 1st Hour, William King speaks to those (managers, supervisors, department heads, etc.) who are, at the end of the day, responsible for production output of a team, be it in an office or manufacturing setting.  He writes of the importance of the first hour of  [Read more...]

Which Is Better — Panko or Regular Breadcrumbs?

This is a question I get asked quite a lot and to answer it, I’ll start with another question: What exactly is panko? — the Japanese word for “small pieces of bread.” First, some history. Did you know that panko crumbs are not made with heat? They’re electrocuted!! While the Japanese  [Read more...]

Weight Loss for Women: Ladies, Can We Talk?

Recently, as I started to box up charts of clients from years ago to make room for more current clients. I started to go through many of those old charts, paying particular attention to the last part of the questionnaire we have everyone fill out prior to the consultation: Please give three reasons, in  [Read more...]