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Dangerous Dieting

Diets that encourage eating only one type of food or promise rapid weight loss can be dangerous to your health. The short list of the possible risks posed by fad diets includes: Nutritional deficiencies caused by a lack of a balanced diet. Lack of variety in foods causes boredom and frustration, and makes [Read more...]

Fad Diet, Bad Diet

You stick to a diet. You lose a lot of weight. You go off the diet. You gain it all back. You get depressed. You start bingeing. You gain it all back. You go on another diet. You lose some weight. You go off the diet. You gain it all back. You get depressed. [Read more...]

Cookies and Cabbage and Candy . . . Oh My!

Here’s another one from the vault of wacky weight loss gimmicks: The Candy Diet! OK, folks . . . so here’s a word to the wise (or, I should say, to the not-too-wise): Unless you’re Forrest (“life is like a box of chocolates”) Gump, if diet pills look like a box of chocolates, they’re [Read more...]

Foolish Fad Fixes For Fat

Every now and then I like to remind everyone that foolish, fad diets aren’t new to modern times. I’ve previously written aboutThe Candy Diet,The Cigarette Diet,The Tapeworm Diet, and theFruit Salt Pills & Bands; Reducing Soap; Bile Beans and Fat Girls Diets. It’s time to go back into the vault of dumb, dopey [Read more...]

More From the Wacky Weight Loss Vault

Even after all these years of listening to new clients recite a long list of ‘diets’ (aka ‘torture’) they’ve put themselves through, I am still not immune to being shocked by how some will resort to absolutely insane levels in order to avoid hard work. Yet way too many people would rather resort to stinky [Read more...]

Worming Your Way to Weight Loss

Just when you think you’ve heard about all the crazy, idiotic, ridiculous (and oftentimes dangerous) weight loss gimmicks, I’ll write about another one. As with The Cigarette Diet, which I wrote about in Take a Puff, Lose a Pound, here’s another from the you-can’t-make-this-sh*t-up department. Ever hear of The Tapeworm Diet? This particular diet [Read more...]

Pills, Powders, Packages … Oh My! The Pitfalls of Dieting

Diets, especially fad diets or “quick-fix” plans—the pills, the powders, the packaged plans … a.k.a. “The Pitfall Programs”—often set you up for failure because: You feel deprived. Diets that cut out entire groups of food, such as carbs or fat, are simply impractical, not to mention unhealthy. The key is moderation. Eliminating entire [Read more...]

Take a Puff, Lose a Pound

Here’s another one from the you-can’t-make-this-stupid-sh*t-up department. Can you believe that in the days before cigarette smoking was passe, tobacco companies actually marketed lighting up as a weight loss tool?! Lucky Strike cigarette ads advocated, “Light a Lucky and you’ll never miss sweets that make you fat,” and “Avoid that future [double-chin] shadow [Read more...]