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The Not-So-Skinny on Cholent

Shabbat is famous for the vast amount of calorie dense foods packed into one sitting. Believe it or not, 3,000 calories is not the aberration but, in fact, the average consumption. And that includes everyone’s beloved cholent. Cholent is a Jewish stew created to comply with the Jewish law that prohibits cooking  [Read more...]

Are You Hard of Listening?

“You never listen” is not just the complaint of a problematic relationship with one’s spouse or rebellious teenager. I think it’s also become an epidemic in a world that is exchanging convenience for content and speed for meaning. Unfortunately, then, listening is a skill that we’re in danger of losing in a world of  [Read more...]

Are Your Kids Important to You?

When I meet a very overweight or obese client for the first time, aside from discussing the obvious — such as medical issues they may have, what medications they may be on, how many times they’ve tried to lose weight before, whether their spouse is also overweight, etc. — I inquire as to their  [Read more...]

Is Your Weight Loss Plan Failing You?

Most diets set you up to fail. They’re either too quick, too narrow-focused, too restrictive, too fake. They’re just not sustainable. Not a way of life. A weight loss plan should enhance your life. You should feel capable, accomplished, organized and energized by your food plans. There might be  [Read more...]

The LONG and the SHORT of Grains

Long-grain rice (such as basmati, jasmine) is slim and lengthy, with a length that’s three to five times its width and is relatively low in starch content. It is typically a bit drier than short-grain rice and less likely to stick to each other or the pan. Short-grain rice is chubby, round, and  [Read more...]