Monthly Archives: January 2022

Are You Forever Running After Time?

Too often I hear “I don’t have time” . . . . . . to follow the program; or . . . to weigh and measure; or . . . to plan a diary; or . . . to grocery shop; or . . . to prepare and pack meals and snacks for the  [Read more...]

It’s All About the WHYpower

So many people say they don’t have the discipline to make big changes in their lives and, as you can imagine, I meet new clients all the time who tell me they don’t have the “will”power to stick to new lifestyle changes. From hands-on experience with clients over 20 years, what I’ve learned  [Read more...]

5 Ways to Stay Fat and Unhappy

A blog by Luke Iorio, Want To Stay Unhappy? Keep Doing These 5 Things, struck me with one of those “aha” moments. Every one of his five points on how to stay unhappy, as relates to personal and professional development, is applicable to my business and to the clients we see every day. He  [Read more...]