Monthly Archives: November 2021

Have a Holiday Season That’s Happy, Not Heavy

The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are filled with lots of food festivities and socializing. Whether it’s dining out, going to a holiday party, or seeing treats everywhere, from the office to the candy jar at your favorite store, the holiday season really puts our willpower to the test.     [Read more...]

For Long Term Goals, Ya Gotta Get Grit!

So often we think that grit is about how we respond to extreme situations, but what about everyday circumstances? Mental toughness is like a muscle. It needs to be worked to grow and develop. ✅ Choose to do the tenth rep when it would be easier to just do nine. ✅  [Read more...]

Recipe Changes Changes the Recipe

I am regularly searching for good and easy recipes to pass on to my clients. They have to be as simple as possible, with as few ingredients as possible, and easy-to-follow instructions. They have to provide nutritional data (how many servings it yields, what a one-serving size is, and how many calories  [Read more...]