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The Skinny on Popcorn

(c) deepspacedave Fotosearch_k88211713 As clients know, when it comes to certain snacks (and all frozen desserts), I prefer things that are pre-measured. This is definitely the case when it comes to popcorn because pre-measured takes away the “scooping issue.” On the rare occasions when I do buy popcorn, which is only when I  [Read more...]

Overwhelmed and Overweight

Overwhelm is a type of emotional paralysis where you feel as though you’re unable to cope with or handle your circumstances. You might be feeling overwhelmed because you: ✅ Have very high standards and expectations of yourself; perhaps expectations of perfection, which are very difficult to live up to. ✅ Are trying  [Read more...]

Exercise and Weight Loss

Can you lose weight without exercise? Yes. Can you lose weight only with exercise? Absolutely not. Too many people are conditioned to believe that exercise plays a bigger role in weight loss than it really does. While your food intake accounts for 100% of the energy that goes  [Read more...]

“Why Am I Not Losing Weight?”

“Why am I not losing weight” is a question often blurted out by a client who claims to be doing “everything right.” I’ll then pick up a crystal ball that I have on my credenza (not kidding about that!) and do a Johnny Carson imitation of his Carnac the Magnificent (you’ll have to  [Read more...]