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Dress for Success at Any Size

Too often, I hear from clients: “I don’t want to buy new clothes until I lose weight?” or “I’m waiting to get slim before I spend money on clothes.” If this is you, I’ll tell you the same thing I tell them: STOP! It doesn’t work. Usually, the first instinct may  [Read more...]

Stop the “It’s Not Working” Crap

When a client says to me, “It’s not working . . .” — trying to suggest that eating normal, regular, everyday foods from each of the food groups every day, using portion control, planning ahead and packing meals and snacks throughout the day, is the reason they’re not losing weight — what they’re  [Read more...]

Do You Suffer From a Negative, Defeatist Attitude?

Many people I meet and take on as clients do suffer from a negative, defeatist attitude,  “the fattitude,” as I call it. Having a defeatist attitude means that you give up before you’ve even started, like the runner who is so convinced he’s going to lose the race that he doesn’t even  [Read more...]