Monthly Archives: August 2019

Fat Isn’t Curvy

Daily, we see obese females posting their photos on Instagram and other socials saying things like “This is what a real body looks like,” and “No man wants skin and bones.” Hmm . . . should we call that “skinny shaming” I wonder? These messages conveys to overweight young girls that  [Read more...]

Back to School, Fat(ter) to School

It’s been only a few years since my daughter graduated high school. And if there’s one thing I remember from dropping her off at the same primary school campus for 15 years it was seeing the expansion of so, so many overweight students (first as kids in the Lower School, then as tweens  [Read more...]

How ‘Bout Them Apples?

An apple a day may not keep the doctor away, but it’s a healthy choice anyway. For one thing, you can’t beat the convenience of an apple. They are an easy go-to and grab-and-go snack as they come in their own packaging—meaning you can eat the skin. They also play nicely  [Read more...]

Raising Slim Kids on a Budget

As everyone knows, obesity in kids is something that I write about often because I’m so passionate about it. Like you, I see it everywhere, and it pains and angers me. A few months ago, after a visual experience at the Freehold shopping mall in NJ, I posted something on LinkedIn about  [Read more...]

Eggs vs Egg Whites

If you’ve been scarfing down scrambled egg whites because you’re afraid to eat the yolks, you’re missing out on one of Mother Nature’s most potent fat-fighting nutrients: choline. Found abundantly in egg yolks, choline squelches the body’s output of leptin, a hunger–stoking hormone that fuels between-meal cravings. (Yolks also deliver vitamins D  [Read more...]

Sweating Has Nothing to Do With Losing Fat

Does sweating mean more fat loss? I get asked this question a lot from clients. They’re soaked in layers of sweat after a work out, thinking those droplets translate into tremendous fat burn (and weight loss). But does that show up on the scale? Well, let me put it this way:   [Read more...]