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Summer: Bikinis, Barbecues and the
Urge to Binge and Purge

The official launch of summer – bathing suit season — is not that far off. Many overweight teenagers, both girls AND boys, are especially unhappy and uncomfortable at this time of year because they can’t hide behind layers of clothes as they do in the fall and winter. Most won’t go to the  [Read more...]

Losing or Gaining Weight
During Cancer Treatment

“What can I do if I start losing or gaining weight during cancer treatment?” is a question clients have asked over the years. Unfortunately, this issue causes greater anxiety than necessary. On the one hand, “cachexia” (weight loss) is a common cancer side effect. On the other, chemo and steroids may  [Read more...]

Are You a Failure at Weight Loss?

  “There’s no such thing as failure; there are only results.”   This gem is attributed to Tony Robbins, one of the world’s most famous motivational speakers, and is used ad nauseum by business coaches, commencement speakers, and so many others.   So, in other words, whenever we attempt to do something and don’t succeed  [Read more...]