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Childhood Obesity is a Result of Adult Behavior

When you walk past an elementary school, or day camp, or food court at the mall, the chances are that most of the kids you come across will be overweight or obese. What are parents of already obese 8-10 year old kids thinking when their children are gorging on 1/2 pound burgers with  [Read more...]

With Friends Like These . . . Dieting With the Enemy

Want to bring out the worst in people? Lose weight. Whether it’s 10 pounds or a ton, just watch and see how you’ll be showered with so much fattening food—by people who claim to love you! Why is that? When dieters fall off the wagon, they’re always shocked to think that someone else may  [Read more...]

Kids in the Kitchen

Did you ever consider all the lessons kids can learn in the kitchen, which can benefit them both at home and at school? Here’s why I believe ALL school-age kids should join their moms and dad in the kitchen.   1- Cooking teaches your child about eating well. Kids are receptive to conversations  [Read more...]

You CAN Indulge AND Stay on Track

When you cheat, it almost always means you’ve done something on the spur of the moment. You didn’t think it through. You didn’t weigh the pros, the cons. You didn’t consider how you would respond to the ramifications of your actions. And, most often, the aftermath of a “cheat” results in a person getting  [Read more...]