Monthly Archives: August 2016

The Skinny on Soup

Who doesn’t love soup, right? Hot soup warms our bellies in the winter. Cold soups are a refreshing touch in the summer. But, soups are a little tricky to fit into one’s portion-controlled weight loss and maintenance lifestyle. While you might find a canned soup low in calories, or even relatively low in [Read more...]

You Can’t Live Large In A Small World

Being overweight is not just an external (appearance) issue. Being overweight is an internal (health) issue. Every overweight person I meet who doesn’t have any medical issues and isn’t taking any medications thinks they’re “healthy.” They’re not. Excess visceral fat is not the foundationofor the companiontogood health. Can you be very overweight and not [Read more...]

The Disease of Kings (and Commoners)

Once upon a time gout was associated with overindulgence in people of the upper class who had access to foods and alcohol of plenty. As a matter of fact, in 1726, British physician Richard Blackmore called gout “the grievous Calamity of the Great, the Rich and the most Easy in their Circumstances.” It became [Read more...]

Foolish Fad Fixes For Fat

Every now and then I like to remind everyone that foolish, fad diets aren’t new to modern times. I’ve previously written aboutThe Candy Diet,The Cigarette Diet,The Tapeworm Diet, and theFruit Salt Pills & Bands; Reducing Soap; Bile Beans and Fat Girls Diets. It’s time to go back into the vault of dumb, dopey [Read more...]